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Hello! We are RNV Clinical Research Services

We are at RNV Clinical Research Services......

We are a premier Clinical Research Institute in India whose solitary purpose is to provide education & training in the areas of Clinical Research, Phamacovigilance (Drug Safety) and related disciplines and help to achieve successful career in demanding pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and to grow further in their career. We, RNV Clinical Research Institute a division of RNV Clinical Research Services are an "ideal choice" for Clinical Research and Phamacovigilance (Drug Safety) aspirants, as we are devoted to provide world class clinical research education and practical skills with our competent and experienced faculties from academia and industries.

Our program is designed with a progressive approach to learning and are taught by working industry professionals, ensuring that the knowledge imparted and course materials are both competency-based and meet all industry standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip aspirants with knowledge and skills needed for employment and career growth in the areas of Clinical Research, Phamacovigilance (Drug Safety) and related disciplines.

Our Vision

We aspires to be recognized among the world leading professional educational institutions with hallmarks:

  • Pre-eminence in emerging program
  • Excellence in education & training
  • Commitment to bridge the gap       between acadmia & industry.
  • Our objectives:

  • To provide students with the knowledge and practical skills they required to enjoy successful careers in professional industry, with a focus on       clinical research, drug safety, and related disciplines.
  • To bridge the gap between acadmia & industry (lack of skilled manpower in clinical research industry) by providing world class clinical research       education and practical skills.
  • To impart knowledge and course materials on competency-based and meet all industry standards.

  • Our Smart Approach

    First in India to provide online examination facility which resembles to industries training system.

    Job-oriented industry-focused curriculum.

    Case studies based training.

    Practical hands on and flexibility in terms of pace and place.

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